Q. Am I breaking the law by hiring a New York escort?
A. No, you are not breaking the law when you book one of our lovely New York escorts. When you book with us, we arrange for one of our sexy ladies to spend time with you. That’s all you are getting for your money — their time. There’s nothing illegal about a social service like that. We hope you two enjoy each other’s company, but that’s up to the two of you, not to us. Book your escort in complete confidence that the service we offer is legal.

Q. I don’t see why I should book through you when I can just look at escort ads online.
A. There are plenty of escorts who advertise online, yes. They aren’t great choices, though, because when you use an online ad, or a classified ad in a local alternative newspaper, you never really know what’s going to happen after you try to make arrangements. Will your escort show up? Will she be a talented professional or an amateur? Will she be worth your time and money? Will she even exist at all? So many of those classified ads are actually scams that we don’t think they are worth the risk. Why use them when you can instead use a reputable escort agency whose talent is screened thoroughly and checked out beforehand? We offer you many benefits that online and classified ads simply cannot offer. Don’t risk your time and money. Book with us instead and know what you are getting for what you pay.

Q. What’s so special about your girls?
A. Our girls are special because they are trained professionals. Unlike the “amateur” ladies that you might meet in your personal life, professional escorts such as those who work for us are entertainers who understand that your booking is a business transaction. Further, they understand that to book with an escort is to book someone who is supposed to bring you a good time no matter what, so they’ll always put in the extra effort to see to it that you are satisfied. And of course, our girls are the most beautiful the city has to offer!

Q. How do I book an escort? What’s the first thing I need to do?
A. The first thing you need to do is look through the biography pages we have for our sexy ladies. That will help you decide which one of them is best suited to you, your preferences, your needs, and what stimulates you most. Then, contact us to tell us who you are looking for. We’ll arrange for you to go out with that lady, or someone else who is available who we think you’ll also like.

Q. There are some very specific things I want. Is that okay?
A. Yes, we are okay with special requests, as long as they are reasonable. Obviously you have no way of knowing what we consider reasonable and what we do not, so just let us know. You won’t upset us and we’ll take your requests seriously. If it’s something we can readily provide, like a specific outfit you would like your escort to wear, then we will make the necessary arrangements. We are happy to accommodate you whenever it’s possible.

Q. How much do you charge?
A. Our rates vary, but you’ll find they’re very competitive. The thing about booking an escort is that it’s actually much cheaper than trying to date a woman over time. That’s because dating a woman brings with it lots of little costs, some of them hidden and some not, that add up over time. When you book one of our ladies, you know exactly what it will cost and there’s nothing that comes up that is out of the ordinary. It’s just a simple business transaction. Please contact us for more information about rates.

Q. I’m going to be in New York next month. Can I set up an appointment now?
A. Sure, you can set up an appointment for the future. The more time you give us, the easier it is for us to set up your date, within reason. Obviously, if you booked two years in advance, we don’t always know who’s going to be on our staff that far out, but if it’s a question of weeks or months, we can definitely arrange a lady for you. We also book at the spur of the moment. You’ll find we’re quite flexible.

Q. I don’t want to try and hire a girl from some sleazy agency, so why would I work with you?
A. The benefit of working with us is that you are getting reputable, sexy, prescreened talent from an established agency with a great reputation. We are anything but sleazy. We don’t appreciate those sleazy agencies either, because they cheapen the entire profession and make it more difficult for us to do our jobs. Working with us means you just get a better experience overall, and one that is characterized by professionalism. And that’s why you should book with us.

Q. What kind of dates can I take my girl out for?
A. Just about any social venue you can think of is one our girls would be willing to consider. Say you have a business convention and you would like a young lady to keep you company; we can do that. If you want to go out on more traditional dates, we can do that, too. Do you have a family function, a reunion, or some other extended social gathering to go to, and you need a date? We can handle that as well. Contact us to learn more.

Q. What if I’m not looking to go out?
A. You don’t have to go out to enjoy time with our lovely New York escorts. You can also enjoy quiet time with our girls. That can be at your hotel or your home, that can be at some other more intimate venue, or just about anywhere that two people can get to know each other. Whatever you are looking for, our young ladies can handle it, and that includes just spending time with you so that you can learn what they’re all about, and they can get to know you as a person, too.

Q. I’m worried that my date will laugh at me. I’m not the most handsome guy. Should I be worried about that?
A. Absolutely not. Our young ladies are trained to show you a great time out on the town or back at your home or hotel. They’ll never laugh at you and they’ll never treat you with anything less than total respect. You can relax and be yourself with our girls. That’s a guarantee you won’t get on any “normal” date with a non-professional or “amateur” lady, somebody you met at a club or bar. Our girls are great!

Q. What if we really hit it off and I don’t want her to leave?
A. We understand how that goes. Frequently our ladies will hit it off with their clients, and then the client reaches the end of the booking time and doesn’t want it to end. If your lady doesn’t have another obligation pending, you may be able to pay an additional amount to extend the date. Just let her know so that she can coordinate with us to make sure there isn’t someone else waiting for her to arrive. Enjoy your extended date!

Q. What languages do your girls speak? Where are they from?
A. All of our escorts speak English. Don’t worry; you won’t have any trouble communicating with them. Our talent comes from all over the world and throughout the city. We comb the city for the loveliest ladies to add to our stables, and you won’t be disappointed in our choices. We seek to bring you the finest, sexiest girls in the New York area. We are always successful in what we strive to accomplish. Count on us the next time you want a beautiful woman to spend time with.

Q. Is there, like, a code of conduct I need to know about?
A. There’s really no special code of conduct for spending time with an escort. It’s more or less a matter of common sense. All our girls ask is that you respect them and treat them as you would want to be treated. Everything else kind of works itself out from there. The reason it should be simple for you is that our girls are professional entertainers who know how to communicate to you what is expected. Our ladies keep it simple so that you can have fun.

Q. Do you handle big parties?
A. We’ve had several repeat clients who booked multiple escorts to cover a party. We love to be able to do that. All you have to do is let us know with enough lead time so that we can arrange to have sufficient girls available for your gathering. What makes a party better than a group of sexy young ladies circulating among the guests? We certainly can’t think of anything better. The next time you have a party coming up, don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know what your needs might be.

Q. Where is your office?
A. Our office is located in New York, but unfortunately it’s not possible for you to visit us. We maintain offices for administrative purposes. We are an outcall agency, not an incall agency. That means you cannot entertain girls on our premises or meet the girls here. Instead, our girls join you at your location ,or at a third-party location to which you and she agree ahead of time. We’ve found that our clients are usually more comfortable in this type of setting anyway, rather than at an impersonal escort agency where they aren’t terribly familiar with their surroundings.

Q. Can I get my escort’s phone number so I can text her a thank you?
A. No, it isn’t possible for you to talk to your escort ahead of time. All communications with our escorts, prior to your escort booking, must be made through our agency. This is a safety and security precaution that doesn’t just protect our girls from being harassed, but also protects you from unwanted issues arising out of becoming too familiar with anyone before the fact. Don’t worry; we’ll please you and make sure to hook you and your escort up.