We are a full-service agency providing New York escorts to the greater New York area. We provide you with beautiful women who are willing to spend time with you in exchange for you booking fee. All you have to do is take a look through our profile pages, get to know each of our sexy girls, pick out the one whom you would most like to spend time with, and let us know what you want. We’ll put you together with your first choice or with an alternate lady who is just as good (if your first choice is not available). Once payment arrangements have been made and you and your lady have agreed on a location where you will meet (we are an outcall agency only), then it’s time for you to get together with her. All you have to do after that is enjoy your time. This will be a new experience for many men, and one that is well worth the booking fee you’ve paid. You’ll be amazed at the high quality of the sexy New York escort we hook you up with. She’ll be friendly, sexy, beautiful, and above all, professional. And when you’re done having fun with her, if you want to see her again, then all you have to do is book her time again. You have nothing to lose and a world of happiness to gain. We are absolutely your first, best source for escorts in the New York area. Contact us now.

We’re All about Integrity

In a market glutted with competing agencies, it’s easy to lose track of what’s out there and to start to think that all agencies, and all escort listings, are the same. Sure, there are any number of ways to find yourself a New York escort. It’s a big city, and there are lots of attractive women in that city, some of whom fancy themselves escorts and who take out advertisements in online classified ads or elsewhere. There are plenty of agencies who are happy to tell you that they are reputable and useful. But how do you know any of that is true, and how do you trust your privacy, your money, your time, and your effort to such an agency? It’s so easy to get ripped off, or to get an experience that is less than satisfactory.

Proper fulfillment of your escort experience requires integrity and a devotion to the business. That’s the difference that our agency makes. When you work with NYEscortService.com, you know you’re getting an established agency with a reputation to protect. That means that you can trust us to deal with you fairly, see to your satisfaction with your escort experience properly, and take care of you if any issues arise during the process of, or in the course of, your booking with one of our screened, vetted, and properly background-checked girls. There simply is no better alternative than one of our lovely ladies when it is time to connect with an escort in the New York area.

We’re All About Privacy

One of first and most important things you must consider, when hiring an escort, is whether your privacy and confidentiality will be properly protected. This is never an issue with NYEscortService.com. All of your interactions with our New York escorts are conducted in the strictest confidentiality. Not only can you trust us never to reveal any details about you to any third party, including anyone outside our agency, but you can trust your escort herself to maintain this same high standard of privacy. She may learn things about you in the course of your interaction with her, depending on how talkative you are, but she knows to quickly and quietly forget these details. She won’t gossip about you to her fellow escorts, and she will never, ever reveal to anyone that you used our service. All of our personnel here at NYEscortService.com are held to the same rigidly strict standards of professional conduct because we know that you can’t sit back, relax, and enjoy your time with one of our ladies (or more than one of our ladies) if you’re worried about your privacy. There are lots of reasons you might not want to be judged by friends, family, or coworkers for hiring an escort, and when you work with us, you never need to worry about that. Your privacy is safe with us, and your experience will be completely confidential when you book a New York escort through our agency.

We’re All about Professionalism

Speaking of professional conduct, you can always count on girls to behave with extremely polite, friendly professionalism. They aren’t just random attractive ladies off the street, after all. They’ve been hand-picked by us not just for their great looks and their great personalities, but also for their ability to conduct themselves with dignity, sophistication, and grace. Sometimes our sexy ladies are called on to appear with you at formal affairs or business conventions, or other places where conduct matters. You don’t want to bring some classless lady into a situation like that and then have her embarrass you, right? Well, with our girls, that’s never a concern. All of our young ladies can be counted on to conduct themselves properly no matter what the social situation. They will never embarrass you and they will always treat you with respect. More importantly, though, they’ll treat those around them with respect. Even when having casual fun in a social setting with you, they will conduct themselves properly, so that you are always made to look good, never to look bad. Our girls know that part of their function is to impress others with the quality of the women you are able to get, so they know they have to act the part as well as look the part. The result is that going out with our ladies always improves your social position… and that’s all thanks to the professionalism our girls display. What could be better?

Nobody’s going to Judge You

Another important aspect of our service is that our ladies will be happy to interact with you, and our staff will be happy to interact with you, without ever judging you. At the risk of using the silly jargon of politics today, this is a “safe space” where you need never worry about your requests, your desires, your needs, your schedule, or your requirements ever being laughed at. No matter what it is you have to tell us, no matter what requests you have, we have honestly heard it all. There is nothing you can say that will make us not want to work with you, and nothing we won’t at least listen to respectfully. We’ll never judge you, we’ll never laugh at you, and whenever possible, we will work with you to accommodate your requests and see to it that you get what you are looking for. We know that the escort experience is an intensely personal one, and we’d like to see to it that yours makes you happy while giving you everything you desire. To spend some time with a beautiful woman is a fantasy that all men seem to share. We try never to lose sight of that in pursuing our business. It isn’t enough for us simply to hook you up with an escort and take your booking fee. We want to make sure the experience is right for you, that you are satisfied with it, and that you’ll want to come back and see us again.

We’ll Always Listen and Treat You Right

All of our girls are great listeners. That’s something you may not really have stopped to think about, especially if your first thought was about how sexy and lovely our ladies are, how much you would enjoy being in the same room with them, and what sorts of things you’d like to do on your date when you take your escort out on the town. You may not have considered simply having someone to talk to who will listen to you respectfully as an ancillary benefit of hiring one of our girls, but it’s absolutely true. Many men, it turns out, just want to have somebody to listen to them. There aren’t a lot of opportunities for the average man to feel heard and understood, it turns out, and when you book with us, our ladies will be happy to do that for you. They are always happy to go out and have fun, they’re happy to party, they’re happy to go to dinner and to shows and to whatever else you might do… but when it’s time to kind of chill out a little bit and dial back the pace of the evening, they’re also happy just to get a drink with you, chat with you, and get to know you. Do you remember the last time you had someone to talk to you and you felt like they were really listening? Our girls will.

Our Time in the Business Means We’ve Seen and Heard It All

One of the major advantages of working with NYEscortService.com is that we are trained professionals with extensive experience in this industry. Anyone can start an escort agency, sure, and any pretty girl can hang out her shingle on some classified ad site and tell the world she is an escort for hire… but you need real experience in this business to be able to do it and do it well. It isn’t enough to be willing; you have to have the knowledge and the know-how to do the job properly. If you can’t bring that kind of knowledge to the table, you can’t accomplish the task of satisfying your clients. We are all about client satisfaction, after all, but wanting to do it and knowing the finer points of how to do it are different things. That’s why it’s always wise to go with an established agency like ours. We’ve been around the block, we’ve seen a thing or two, and we know the kinds of challenges that come up. If you want to risk your time and your money on some fly by night operation that might be gone tomorrow and didn’t exist last week, you can certainly do that, but the much better choice is always going to be to go with us. We’d like the chance to show you that we know what we’re doing, and we’ll prove to you every time, consistently, that we are the best.

New York Escorts are Simply Better

There’s another reason that you might want to consider booking a New York escort, and that is that when you are with one of these women, you are experiencing a level of quality that you probably haven’t experienced before. Look, let’s not sugar coat it: Most men, when it comes to women, go for what they think they can get. They shoot for attainable goals. Some of the women you date may be very beautiful, but there are going to be those women who are less so. Not everyone can look like a professional model, after all, and that’s fine. If you have ever wondered what it might be like to spend some time with a woman who is truly, remarkably sexy, though, and you want to dip your toes in the deep water of the top shelf of feminine companionship, then consider our ladies. You’ll be blown away by just how much more attractive they are than the average woman. This is by design. They’re hand-selected to be that beautiful. It’s something we’re looking for and it’s something we need them to be to work with us. It’s only the first stage of choosing a lady, of course, because she has to meet a bunch of other standards… but first and foremost, she must be stunningly beautiful. That makes her, quite frankly, simply better than the women you are used to. New York escorts are a cut above the average.

The Dream that is Being Surrounded by Sexy Ladies

Our lovely New York escorts represent an opportunity for you to fulfill one of your longest held fantasies, too, if you book more than one girl at a time. We know, it sounds decadent to do something like that. As amazing as hiring a New York escort can be, you may be wondering if you can afford more than one girl. Well, at the prices we offer for our booking fees, you can’t afford NOT to avail yourself of this opportunity. It doesn’t take a million bucks to date two girls at the same time. All it takes is the booking fee for both of them and you can step out on the town with two or more ladies to follow you around, take you by the arm, walk into that restaurant or club, and shower you with attention while you go. People who see you will be utterly stunned to think that you are at the center of this bevy of beautiful babes. And why shouldn’t they be? It’s no small thing to travel accompanied by all those beautiful women. It quickly elevates you from the status of high roller to legendary baller, and why shouldn’t it? If you have always dreamed of being surrounded by many beautiful women, if you have wondered what that might be like to really experience, now is your chance. Let our girls change your life forever and give you the outing of your dreams.

Isn’t This the Life you’ve Always Deserved?

Most people have a very defined idea of what they think they deserve… and most of them don’t shoot high enough. You get accustomed to living a certain way, to living “within your means.” Just the phrase, “living within your means,” implies a certain humility, and a certain scolding tone. It’s as if anyone who dares to live beyond their means, who dares to experience something that is normally reserved for the wealthy or the powerful, is breaking some kind of unwritten rule. Why, society says, we couldn’t have that. If the “little people” constantly went around experiencing those things that are reserved for the wealthy and the powerful, why, they might start to become disenchanted with the ways they’ve been denying themselves life’s little pleasures… and we can’t have that, can we? The fact is, though, that you deserve more. You deserve better. You deserve to spend time with some of the most beautiful women in the city. And why shouldn’t you treat yourself to that? If you can have that with a simple booking fee, then why not go ahead and do it? Why not experience that fantasy and fulfill that dream?

If you’ve been holding back because you feel like you don’t deserve to experience these wonders, hold back no more. It’s time that you finally got to see how the wealthy and popular live. It’s time you got your due with one of the most beautiful women you’ve ever met.

Courteous, Professional, Legal Service

Booking an escort can be a little bit intimidating if you’ve never done it before, and sometimes even if you have. Nobody gets that better than we do. This is why our business is built on a foundation of courtesy and professionalism. Nothing puts your mind at ease quite like dealing with a professional staff of people who know how to be friendly to you. When you call a customer service line in your ordinary life, for example, and you get somebody who is incredibly friendly and helpful, doesn’t that put you at ease and help you to feel better about everything you are doing? We sure think it does, and for that reason, we always make sure to employ only those personnel who can maintain that same standard of courtesy and professionalism. We want you to get a great escort experience out of your time with us, yes, but we also want your client service to be top notch. We want you to come away thinking that it was incredibly easy and made you feel right at home to book an escort with us. If you can recommend us to others, if you are comfortable coming back to us again and again, then we know we have done what we had to do, and done it correctly. We are a totally legal service connecting beautiful women with men who want to spend time with them. There’s a purity and a clarity in that, and we think you’ll appreciate it.

Know Exactly What You’re Getting; Don’t Resort to Web-Based Advertisements

We urge you to use a reputable agency when you want to book a New York escort. There is currently a phenomenon going around the Internet of escorts using classified ads to sell their services. They are not backed by an agency of any kind. These ads are just placed by individual women, most of the time, who want to get the attention of men cruising the adult services sections of the classifieds. Very often, these escorts are not providing a legal service, at least most of the time, and the business itself is probably completely under the table. Also, there is nothing to verify against when you look at the ad. There’s no company, there’s no contact information other than through the website or a random phone number… and you have no way of knowing if the person in the ad actually is who she says she is or who she presents herself to be with photos (some of which might be stolen from other sites or even other escort listings). Given all these risks, then, it makes a lot more sense to book with us. We offer trained professionals, whereas the ladies you might reach through classified, web-based advertisements might be total amateurs. Don’t get scammed or ripped off! Don’t get victimized! We can offer you all the service of these ads and much more. Always book with a reputable agency like ours.

Tired of Sleazy Agencies? We’re Better than That

You’ll note that when we urge you to book with an agency, we are careful to say a reputable one. What is reputable? The online dictionary defines it as “having a good reputation,” “well thought of,” “highly regarded and respected,” and so on. We are exactly that. Our agency is well established in the community. We have networking ties here. We have, in fact, an extended network of escorts that we work with who know us well. They know what we’re capable of. They know the type of service we offer. If you ask around town, you’ll eventually hear our name, and we’re proud of the positive word of mouth that we get. We are, in short, a reputable agency, an agency you can count on to deal with you fairly and honestly, protect your privacy, give you access to some of the hottest, friendliest women in the city, and always treat you with respect and fairness. Integrity is hard to come by in almost any business, but it’s even harder to come by in service businesses. We are a service business in a service industry. Clients are our lifeblood. They are how we accomplish what we accomplish. They are everything that is important to us. Without our clients, we can’t exist. And without us, you have to rely on much less reputable agencies and ads to get the female companionship you desire. Fortunately for everyone, we’re here waiting to serve you.

Every Girl More Beautiful Than the Last

We can never overstate the fact that the women you’ll book through NYEscortService.com are some of the most beautiful women in the city. We hand pick them to ensure that. We know that one of the thrills of hiring an escort is being with a woman who, let’s be carefully honest, is sexier and more beautiful than the type of women you might be able to pick up on your own. This is no slight against you. Beautiful women are in short supply when compared to the rest of the population. Yes, there are, as the man once said, countless beautiful women in the world, and so little time to spend time with them all… but in point of fact, in reality, there are many, many men who want to be with beautiful women, and a limited supply of beautiful women to go around. Subtract the women with bad attitudes and that number shrinks considerably. So, to find a girl who is not just drop dead gorgeous, but also friendly, personable, and willing to exchange a booking fee to spend time with you, takes a lot more effort than just picking a beautiful lady out of a crowd. Fortunately, we are here to do just that for you. We pick out beautiful women from the crowd that is New York every day… and then we make sure they have the talent and the temperament to do this job. The result is that every girl you book with us will be beautiful, and each one will see more beautiful than the last one. You’ll get extreme quality from us, and we make no apologies for that. You may, in fact, soon become addicted to the high quality women we provide. You have been warned!

Experience the City Like Never Before with Your New York Escort as Your Guide

You know that this is a fabulous town with plenty to see and do. New York has that reputation, the city that never sleeps. Countless movies have been filmed here, and the city has a mystique all its own. It has been represented time and time again as the pinnacle of civilization. It has been immortalized in movies where its various landmarks have been made cultural icons. There is so much to see and do in this city that you could spend a week here and never really see everything to the extent you might want to. (You’d also spend a lot of time standing in lines.) But the fact is that there is something about New York, something special that makes people want to get to know the city and spend time in it, that makes it more than just a big city. It’s like New York has a character and a personality all its own… and it compels visitors to want to get to know it. Many people who come here fall in love with the place and never want to leave. It’s not for everyone, but it’s definitely for those who find themselves charmed by New York and all it has to offer.

New York Escorts Bring Real Talent to the Table

The incredible talents of our New York escorts are also something we must highlight. Few appreciate just how much an escort does, and what she has to be able to accomplish, to do her job well. She wears many metaphorical hats in the course of her week. She has to be a tour guide, of sorts, a guidance counselor, a bartender and everything in between, depending on the client and his needs. She must be able to take charge of the date if anything goes wrong, she must anticipate here date’s needs, and she must be able to guide him around if he is unfamiliar with the area (especially if he is visiting from out of town). While she is doing all this, the typical escort must be able to coordinate multiple social schedules, making sure she’s always where she needs to be on time. She has to keep all her repeat clients straight in her head and remember their names so that she can get to know them personally and start to make connections with them. And once those connections are made, she has to be able to work with all those clients in order to achieve their happiness across the board. If it sounds like a lot, it is, and that means the girls we bring on board here at our agency must have very special qualities to be worthy of the job.

New York Escorts Have the Right Attitude

What is it that sets a New York escort apart from an ordinary woman? Consider the various women in your life, especially the ones you have dated. Do these women seem happy most of the time? Do they have what you would consider a “good attitude?” Or are they unhappy a great deal of the time, and do they treat you in ways that you would consider negative? The average man deals with plenty of women on a day to day basis, including the ones he is dating, and what most of them have in common — as most women in general — is that they are very critical and even ungrateful. The average man, in a relationship, bends over backwards to please his woman. He is constantly doing things he doesn’t want to do, being dragged places he doesn’t want to go, and engaging in activities he’d rather not engage in, because his woman wants him to. She’ll make him sit through movies he doesn’t like, because that’s what she wants. And if he ever asks her to reciprocate, she’ll make it clear that she’s doing so begrudgingly. She always acts like she’s doing him a favor, and hanging over all of it, all the time, is the unspoken threat that she will leave him… because she can always do better. A woman can always find a man willing to be with her, and she need never worry about being alone. In fact, you’ll meet women in your life who have never been single. They’ve just gone from guy to guy, from relationship to relationship, never stopping to actually be alone. By contrast, most men know what it is like to be single for months, even years at a time, without any access to feminine companionship, living solely on a diet of rejection and unhappiness.

How does this compare to New York escorts? Unlike most normal women, your escort has the right attitude. She will never treat you like she’s doing you a favor just by being there. She will never be critical of you. She will never be negative. She will bring you happiness and positivity. She will have fun with you. She will never complain. If all of this sounds like a dream come true, that’s because, compared to what you’re used to with “ordinary,” “amateur,” and “non-professional” women, it absolutely is. But that dream can become a reality when you book with us. Don’t settle for the relative misery of relationships. Don’t let women push you around anymore. Book with us and finally take charge.

Why Do Things the Hard Way?

Dating and relationships are finding female companionship the hard way. It’s doing everything the most unpleasant, most difficult way there is to achieve what you’re looking for. Why would you ever do that to yourself? You don’t have to. In fact, you deserve something better. You deserve more. You deserve an easier way. The easiest way to achieve female companionship is to book a New York escort. Just contact us, describe what you want, pay your booking fee, and just like that, you have access to a beautiful woman to spend time with you. Now, we ask you, could anything be simpler than that? It’s popular to call things “life hacks” these days. Well, booking an escort is your way of “hacking” the dating process to spend time with a beautiful lady right now. You’ll meet lots of women in the course of your life, but none of them will be this fun and this beautiful at the same time. Go for it! Follow your dreams. Book your New York escort right away. You’ll be glad you did.

There’s No Other Way to Have Female Companionship Whenever and However You Want and Need It

Think about how amazing an opportunity it is to make a few clicks or a few calls and have a beautiful woman at your door, ready to spend time with you. There is no other way to book female companionship like that, on the spur of the moment or well ahead of time (depending on your mood and your calendar). You certainly can’t maintain a relationship with a woman that way, only seeing her when you want, and demanding that she show up when you call. Sure, there are people out there who have access to “friends with benefits” and things like that, and we suppose there may be people among that group who can call a woman and expect her to show up right away, but that’s rare. No, to be able to call on us for female companionship whenever the mood strikes you is a very unique thing. We are happy to provide that service to you. We do hope you’ll take advantage of it.

Relax and Enjoy with No Stress and No Worries

Finally, the best thing about New York escorts is the release from stress and anxiety that they offer you. No longer do you have to worry about all the little details of your date. No longer do you have to worry about making everything perfect. No longer do you have to fret over every little detail. Now, you can get what you want, when you want it, with no fuss and no stress. Now you can be free of worrying about impressing your lady, or hoping you can persuade her to let you see her again, only to have the whole lengthy ordeal begin again. No, when you book with us, everything works out to your advantage. You can relax and enjoy without a care in the world, safe and secure in the knowledge that your escort is looking out for you. She’s on your side. She’s in your corner. She’s ready and willing to serve you… and that’s what makes her such a special girl. Book with us now. Our girls await you.